AGM Update

June 18, 2020 | Southmedia

Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2020 AGM this week. We are really pleased it went off without any technical issues after our ‘dress rehearsal’ earlier in the week went so badly! 

AGMs are special occasions: they allow us to celebrate the previous years achievements and look forward to what we plan to achieve. However like most things, Coronavirus has overshadowed a lot of this. 

It is usually the perfect occasion for us all to come together and we would like to thank everyone who embraced technology to join us for the meeting. We hope that we do not find ourselves in this situation again! 

We would like to thank you for approving the changes to our Articles of Association (the legal rules our charity must follow) that our trustee board suggested. 

We were pleased to hear from our members and their questions, as ever, were welcome. We were asked about the plans to reopen the Centre. We know everyone is anxious to come back and we are working behind the scenes to ensure we can do this. Opening the Centre is not like reopening shops. The nature of our treatments means that social distancing is not possible. Reopening will be a slow process and will look and feel very different to what we are used to. We are making progress and we look forward to reopening. We would like to thank everyone for their patience whilst we get our plans in place. 

We will share the minutes of the meeting once they are prepared. 

Lastly but certainly not least, Jim Dunn a trustee of the Centre for many years decided to step down from our trustee board this year. We would like to thank Jim for his support, time and wisdom over the years and the special job he did in making the staff feel valued.

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