Atlantic Challenge are well on their way!

December 19, 2018 | Southmedia

Well, the Atlantic Discovery team are a week into their epic adventure and have rowed an impressive 500 nautical miles with only another 2176 to go!  they are on track to complete the race around the 27th January.  In the picture, you can see they caught a Dorado, a sushi treat for Cam’s birthday!

Penny Bird wrote in her blog: “At 11:30 on Wednesday 12 December, Atlantic Discovery dipped their oars into the water for the first of 1.5 million oar strokes it will take to row the Atlantic ocean between the Canaries and the Caribbean.

The first stroke was the culmination of months and months of relentless campaigning, training, preparation, investment and forbearance. For Ben, it was the overwhelming moment his dream, born four years ago, became a reality.

It was also the moment the team’s world shrunk to the size of a 28ft vessel, containing everything they need to survive, and their ties with the world were set aside. From now on, they have only each other.”

You can track them on their incredible journey a number of ways, find out more information here.




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