A big welcome to Hema!

December 8, 2021 | Southmedia

Our online yoga classes have proved extremely popular and we are delighted to keep them on our timetable. Hema will join with Uddhava to help provide this popular service. 

I am Hema, a yoga teacher trained with the Traditional Yoga Association. I have been teaching yoga for twenty years and am now one of its senior teachers and a Trustee.

While working as a full-time Tax Accountant I pretty much stumbled across a yoga class taught by Swami Ambikananda, the principal founder of the Traditional Yoga Association, at my local fitness centre. My first experience with Yoga aroused my curiosity enough to draw me towards a teacher’s training course. My training was a fabulous grounding because great emphasis was placed on physiology and anatomy and the mechanics of movement, as well as the dynamics of creating the right atmosphere for students to explore postures in a way that is creative and non-competitive. I pin my faith on the ancient technique to help anyone who tries it, regardless of their level of fitness. 

In December 2000, I started a teaching career in fitness centres and private halls, mostly to large general classes. Along with teaching Hatha Yoga classes, I specialised in Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga and Massage and Post Natal Recovery Yoga. I always felt that the senior citizens were missing out on the ‘Yoga Experience’ because they could not come down onto the mat. This encouraged me to teach Chair Yoga for the Elderly at our local community centre. I am really excited about joining Uddhava and the BMSTC Team to continue teaching Yoga as I truly believe that Yoga is for everyone.

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