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Colby Update

April 9, 2020 | Southmedia

An update about the furriest member of the team.

You may know that I bring my dog Colby into the office most days. He spends his days sleeping, followed by some more sleep, before a short walk and then he settles for his afternoon nap. Most of the time you will never know he is there and on occasion, people have looked at his bed and still not noticed him!

His fan club at the Centre steadily grows and many of you have been kind enough to ask after him.

His favourite pastime of sleeping continues uninterrupted and he has a greater number of beds to choose from…after the cat chooses which one she wants of course. He is missing all the fuss he receives at the Centre (and the treats of course) and he looks forward to returning (to sleep) as soon as he can!

Obviously, Colby is not the only pet of the Centre – the fish are doing well and the frogs in the pond are multiplying. The neighbour squirrels and cats are enjoying having the car park to run around in.

Do you have pets at home? How are they coping? Please send us a photo to our Facebook page 


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