Diver Clinic

Farewell to the Diver Clinic

July 23, 2019 | Southmedia

Today we said farewell to The Diver Clinic who have had their unit on our site since 2008.

Today we said farewell to The Diver Clinic who have had their unit on our site since 2008.

Sadly they were unable to secure funding to continue their service in Reading.  However, they are proud to announce that following their recent NHS procurement process, they are entering their 27th year of providing NHS funded 24/7 diving emergency medical advice and treatment at their main unit in Poole, Dorset.

Their unit will be retiring as a site office on a farm in Dorset and their hyperbaric chamber will be shipped to Chile to continue its good work treating divers with decompression illness (the bends).

We would like to thank them for the past 11 years and for their significant financial support to BMSTC. 

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