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Fundraising Events

June 18, 2020 | Southmedia

Pawsing some events for the moment, others coming online!

Friday 19 June should have seen our first Theatre night at The Mill and Saturday 20 June would have been our Skydive (although looking at the weather, we are not sure it would have been!). Neither event is going ahead this weekend but will be rearranged to happier, and hopefully, sunnier days. 

We are finding one of the hardest things (personally and professionally) is the uncertainty and not knowing when we can expect to book things like this again.

Whilst some events are pawsing for the moment, we are working on bringing some events online with our first to be revealed very soon. Let’s just say it may be time for your Canines to get ready to put their best paw forward…more details coming soon! 

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