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Have you completed our survey?

June 24, 2020 | Southmedia

Don’t forget to fill in our survey and read some of our answers to your responses

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to complete our survey. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed it yet, you can click here and fill it in. 

We have had some really nice feedback, some constructive feedback and some questions. We want to take this opportunity to answer some of your questions below. We have paraphrased some. There are some questions we haven’t addressed, these may be questions we do not have answers to yet or we are still considering. 

We would also like to thank the person who told us we were missing the option ‘about the same’ as a reply. That has been added and a great piece of advice. 


Continuing Zoom exercise classes permanently 

Some have requested that we keep the Zoom class going after we return to the Centre. We will certainly be exploring this. Whilst they are not suitable for everyone, it is working very well for some especially those who travel a distance to the Centre. We cannot commit to anything long term at the moment but the road back to normality at the Centre will be not be short and we intend to provide our remote support for a while yet. 

Short answer: Maybe. 

Request for one-to-one sessions on Zoom
We are mindful that some people may benefit more from a one-to-one session however at the moment we are focusing on supporting as many people as possible and this is classes. This is something we will be looking into in the future.
Short answer: not at the moment. 


How do you book a counselling session?

Great question. To book a counselling session, please contact us on 0118 901 6000 or email us at We will pass on your details to our counsellor who will get in touch to arrange sessions. Whilst we will do this as quickly as possible sometimes there is a short wait. We will help to put you in touch with the counsellor but all information about what you talk about stays between you and Leigh. This service is also open to immediate family members and joint sessions with them are available if you wish. You can click here to find out more information. 

Short answer: get in touch

Can you add please click on this link rather than just hyperlinking the words (Ie turning them blue)? 
Hopefully you will notice the difference in the blog this week. If we haven’t understood you properly or if anyone has any other suggestions please let us know. These posts are for you so we want to make them as easy to read as possible. Equally, if we forget and we fall into bad habits, give us a nudge. We promise not to nudge back!
Short answer: yes.

Mohammed’s class is great but he needs to sort out the quality of the music!!

We have mentioned it … Thank you for making us smile.
Short answer: Maybe 

Kirsten is amazing

We think so too.
Short answer: yes. 

Hospitals can now do outpatients’ appointments, hopefully you can find a way to open the Centre.

We began plotting our route to reopening the Centre the day we decided to close. Our main priority is to make sure everyone at the Centre is safe. We are following the guidelines carefully, we are working with therapy centres across the UK and with the different therapies governing bodies. But please do not be under any illusion. The Centre we will return to will look and feel different. It is unlikely to have a communal area for a long time and it will be a cautious, phrased return. We are looking forward to returning and we understand you wanting us to reopen, but this does involve big changes.
Short answer: we are working on it 
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