The heat is on….

June 13, 2022 | Southmedia

We share some tips for keeping cool during warm weather

It’s due to be hot again, with temperatures potentially hitting 35 degrees Celsius by next Tuesday! 

If you struggle with the heat, you’re not alone – over 60% of people with MS say their symptoms get worse in the heat.

The MS Society has gathered together some original ways to keep cool in the heat which you will find below. Have you got any other tips to include? Please email us at if you have any to share.

Combat heatwave havoc

“I’ve been having cold baths, sleeping with a wet sheet over me and using my dog’s cooling matt.” (Nikky)

“We have two fans on, the kitchen window open, the conservatory doors open, a flask with squash and ice cubes. We are also using the dog’s cool mat.” (Susan)

“Keep your curtains closed until the sun is off the windows.” (Steve)

“Put a cold flannel on your head or around your shoulders. Or both! I may just cover my entire body with cold flannels today.” (Alice)

“Run the cold water from the tap over the insides of your wrists, works to cool down body!” (Laura)

Paddle power

“Pop your feet into water if you can. A kids’ paddling pool, a washing-up bowl, anything in which you can put a couple of inches of water and your feet. It doesn’t need to be cold, straight from the tap does the job just as well.” (Tony)

“My husband works from home, so was able to have a fan on himself all day, and a bowl of cold water under his desk to put his feet in. He said it helped.” (Linda)

Hats, socks and wrist bands

“My best buy has been a ‘soaker’ hat. Brilliant way of staying cool in the hot weather. Get one! You will not regret it if you enjoy being out in the sunshine but wilt in the heat.” (Mike)

“I use cool wrist bands. You soak them with cold water, wring them out, store in the fridge. When you put them on, the cold damp keeps your core temperature down. I can’t function in the heat without them.” (Lesley)

“Clothes (especially socks) soaked in cold water or put in the freezer.” (Trishna)

Ice, ice baby

“Lots of lots of ice lollies. Tonnes of water (with ice). An ice bath.” (Hannah)

“I eat frozen grapes, ice lollies, ice cubes. I also have ice packs which I wrap in a tea towel.” (Lynne)

“Sitting in my living room with all the blinds closed, overhead ceiling fans and multiple other fans aimed directly at me, eating copious amounts of crushed ice.” (Sharron)

“Ice cubes or frozen peas on the back of your neck really can help cool things down. I was wilting on a hot plane and the stewardess brought me some ice and tissues, a big help.” (Anne)

Not-hot water bottle

“I’ve used hot water bottles filled with ice-cold water for years.” (Julie)

“Put a refillable bottle of water in the freezer 20 minutes before you leave the house. Hand held fans are a heat saviour, loose clothing, change shoes at work if you can.” (Carla)



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