Get your donations doubled

Get your donations doubled and help us raise £10,000

November 6, 2021 | Southmedia

Get your donations doubled!

Help us raise £10,000 of much-needed funds!

We are very excited to be part of the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund Match Funding scheme (that is quite a mouthful!). The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre has been offered £10,000 of funding … if we can secure at least £5,000 in donation pledges between 17 November and 15 December.

There will be a special link and only donations make this way will be donated. 

Donations (up to £250 per household/cardholder) will be doubled but only if we hit our £5,000 target. If we don’t reach our target, your card will not be charged, no donation will be made and we will receive nothing.

More details, and the link, will follow in due course. If you would like an email reminding you, please let us know here:

To say this year has been financially challenging is an understatement. By the end of August, our income was £100,000 below our pre-Covid budget. The pressure is on and every pledge will help us as we come out of Covid.

If we are lucky enough to secure more than £5,000 in pledges, or if you wish to donate more than £250, we have other match funding options in place.

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