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Keeping active; advice from the physiotherapists

April 2, 2020 | Southmedia

Advice from our physiotherapists

With the current restrictions for socialising, it is so easy to live a sedentary life.

Everyone who attends physiotherapy will have their own programme designed for them and your physiotherapist will be in touch to see how you are getting on – there is no escape! 

Our tip of the week:

Remember to keep your muscles strong and flexible to help with mobility and movement. Here is a good stretch for your calf muscles to help keep them flexible:


Similar exercise in sitting (can be done on floor, sitting on chair or in wheelchair). A theraband would be perfect for this but you can improvise with a piece of rope or even some old tights. 

If you have found a particular article or exercise especially helpful please let us know and we will share this with your fellow members.

 If you need any advice on particular stretches or exercises, get in contact with the physio team.

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