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Memory and MS

December 2, 2020 | Southmedia

Does MS affect your memory?

“I can’t seem to concentrate and lose my train of thought”
Can you relate to this?
Problems maintaining your concentration can be common for people with MS. This can make it hard to follow a good book, or a film. You may find situations with a lot of people difficult, or find that you lose track following a conversation.
Concentration is involved in almost everything we do. It can affect how much we are able to enjoy TV shows or theatre trips. It can affect how well we can remember a message or conversation. It can affect how long we can work effectively on a household or employment task.
Some tips and tricks to include your concentration include:
  • It’s easier to concentrate in short bursts and when you’re interested in the information.
  • Try to schedule important discussions at a time when you won’t be tired or fatigued, or arrange to have a rest beforehand.
  • If you know that your attention is poor, think carefully about adding distractions to your environment. For example, using a satnav or listening to the radio whilst driving might not be a good idea.
For more ideas on improving your concentration, take a look at the MS Trust Staying Smart resource
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