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August 5, 2020 | Southmedia

Two interesting pieces of research this week

Two interesting pieces of research this week to bring you:

New research, part-funded by the MS Society, shows that an existing drug for diabetes has the potential to boost energy production and protect nerves from damage in MS. New research suggests the diabetes drug pioglitazone could be another piece in the puzzle of stopping MS, through its ability to protect nerves from damage.

An article in The Independent says: 

‘Scientists say they may have discovered a new route to protect nerve cells in mice, which, if it can be replicated in humans, could prevent MS-related disability.

Researchers have already identified an existing, readily available diabetes drug, pioglitazone, which can trigger the natural process in mice cells and could become a potential treatment to halt the progression of the disease.’


To read more from the MS Society here:

Second research piece for the week:

Why do symptoms get worse in the heat for some? New research shows the movement of sodium into nerves is partially responsible for why some people with MS find that their symptoms get worse when it’s hot. Read more from the MS Society here:


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