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Oxygen at the Centre

September 29, 2021 | Southmedia

Oxygen at the Centre

Our oxygen service reopened in May and, whilst it is still a little different to our pre-Covid service, we are thrilled to see many people return for sessions.

Early in 2020, we installed our own oxygen generator which means we don’t need to rely on external supplies (really handy with the current petrol issues and the never-ending roadworks).

Oxygen can help with many symptoms and many of our members find it especially benefits energy levels, pain and brain fog. Apparently, it is a very successful anti-ageing treatment – maybe that’s why all our members look so young and glamourous! 

All the oxygen operators are volunteers and we extend our gratitude to everyone involved – without our wonderful volunteers, there would be no oxygen sessions.
If you are new to the Centre and want to give it a go – or not so new to the Centre but new to oxygen – please contact Pip at, who can explain more and organise your first session. 

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