Reviewed Procedures at the Centre

July 23, 2021 | Southmedia

Some changes at the Centre

Although the government has relaxed some of its guidance, we are still asking those attending the Centre to wear a mask and keep socially distancing. 

We regularly review our procedures; these were initially written when we had just one or two services in the building, but as we have increased the services we are offering, we are adapting some of our ways of working. Thank you to everyone who has given their feedback.


In summary:



  • Masks
  • Social distancing



  • Over 80s welcome
  • Community transport welcome
  • Movement around the Centre – in certain circumstances


The indoor communal area remains closed but for those who are accessing other services. One of our volunteers or a staff member will help you across (there are still several things blocking the way, such as chains and various physiotherapy equipment). As you remain in the building, there will be no need to have a temp check or undergo the Covid questions. 


The indoor communal area is closed but our garden is available and has space for limited socialising. Don’t forget to bring your own refreshments as these will not be available at the Centre. 


If you are struggling to get from the car park to the gym (or any of the entrances), please call us on 0118 901 6000 when you arrive and we can bring a wheelchair out to you. 


Thank you for all your help keeping everyone at the Centre safe

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