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Trial of a new potential treatment

October 31, 2022 | Southmedia

This could be an effective treatment for relapsing remitting MS

There is growing evidence that Autologous Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (aHSCT or HSCT) is an effective treatment for relapsing remitting MS. However, there has not yet been a direct comparison of HSCT against the most effective disease modifying drugs currently available. This makes it hard to assess the relative risks and benefits of HSCT for people with MS.

The Star-MS trial aims to compare the efficacy and safety of HSCT against four ‘highly effective’ disease modifying drugs (DMDs). The study will be operating across 19 hospital sites across the UK and aims to recruit 198 participants.

Half of the participants will be randomly allocated to have HSCT, and the other half will be allocated to have one of the four DMDs. All participants will be followed up over a 24 month period, having regular visits with the study team. During these visits, they will have blood tests, neurology examinations and questionnaires to complete.

When complete, the Star-MS trial will give clinical teams better understanding of how to use HSCT in treating people with relapsing remitting MS. More hospitals around the UK will have developed experience in delivering HSCT as a treatment for MS. This should make it easier for eligible people to get access to stem cell transplantation in the UK in the future.

Find out more about this trial and how you could potentially get involved by visiting the MS Trust website



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