Upcoming Webinars from MS-UK: Healthy Habits for Life and Neuroplasticity and brain changes with exercise

January 5, 2022 | Southmedia

Two upcoming information sessions

MS-UK is kicking off the New Year with two new online sessions.


Introductory workshop – Healthy Habits For Life

Monday 10 January at 7pm

MS-UKs first workshop of 2022 is all about healthy habits and making the right lifestyle choices. The session will be taken by Natalie Tennant who will be demonstrating the ways to support adopting permanent healthy habits which contribute to sustainable weight loss, a healthier lifestyle and a positive relationship with food, alcohol, your body and other negative lifestyle choices.

The aim of the session will be to encourage participants to focus on their wider health and wellbeing, identifying what they want and why making changes is important for them and their MS. Natalie says “Change is achieved by people becoming aware of their beliefs, eating and drinking patterns including emotional, comfort eating habits and adopting small changes to move in a healthy direction”.

Find out more by clicking here 



Neuroplasticity and brain changes with exercise – by Dr Gretchen Hawley

Monday 17 January at 2pm

Dr Gretchen Hawley will be discussing neuroplasticity and discussing how exercise can create changes in neural pathways within the brain. Plus, they will be discussing the latest research in remyelination.

They’ll be talking about all of the best tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your MS-specific exercises that promote neuroplasticity, which actively encourages new pathways to be created and promote improvements in specific activities and movement patterns.

Traditional exercises often won’t help improve weaknesses, however MS-specific exercises can leave you feeling stronger, walking better, enjoying more energy and improving balance.

Find out more by clicking here


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