A useful research project

February 7, 2023 | Southmedia

Help design a useful card for people with MS who need priority toilet access

Final year Illustration degree student Christina Collis has asked for help with her research into designing cards for people with MS to show when they need priority access to a toilet.

Christina explains;

“For my final year research project everyone has to choose their own topics and I chose to do mine on MS. I know bladder problems are one of the most common symptoms that happens with MS as my dad suffers from it. So I thought I could design cards where people who have MS would have priority when it comes to using public toilets. I have designed a questionnaire to ask people with MS what they would like the card to say, would they be comfortable wearing it around their neck and what wouldn’t they want it to say. I want to make a design which would be something they are proud to wear and not be ashamed. I think this could really help people with MS.”

If you would like to answer Christina’s short questionnaire, please click here.

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