Valuing Goals

Volunteers needed for Valuing Goals study

June 4, 2018 | Southmedia

Most of us have ‘goals’ – things that we want to achieve, and we think can be achieved with a bit of effort. However, sometimes we don’t make as much progress on our goals as we would like to.  Sometimes things get in the way and other times we are not sure what we need to do to make progress.  In addition, sometimes we lack motivation because the goals are not clearly linked to what we really value and enjoy.

“Valuing Goals” is an online training programme that helps people to identify and work towards positive personal goals by teaching specific skills step by step. It has been designed by clinical psychologists and based on research that shows goal setting, planning skills and working towards valued goals are associated with high levels of well-being. Previous studies have found this programme to increase well-being and quality of life in the general population as well as in groups of people experiencing lowered well-being.  We are now conducting a study to evaluate if the Valuing Goals programme can be as beneficial for people living with MS, and we are looking for volunteers to take part in the programme.

If you would like the opportunity to have some online training in how to work towards personal goals, and to take part in some research please click here.

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