Welcome to Melanie, our new physiotherapist

February 1, 2023 | Southmedia

We’re so pleased to have Melanie on our BMSTC team

We were thrilled to welcome our new physiotherapist Melanie to the BMSTC team last week. She has worked in a large variety of different hospitals, clinics and specialist units and has lots of experience working with people with various neurological conditions.

After completing her initial training, it was very clear that neurology was where her passion and skill lay. Melanie has had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of hospitals, clinics and specialist units, gathering experience of treating many patients with conditions including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, MS, GBS, neuro-oncology diseases, MND and traumatic brain injury. She uses an eclectic mix of treatment techniques, mindful that each patient is unique and requires a holistic approach to find the best way forward.

Melanie says, ‘I’m really looking forward to making a positive contribution to the Centre’.

Having Melanie here Mondays and Wednesdays will really help us to reduce our waiting lists and increase the number of sessions we can offer. Welcome to the team Melanie!

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