Why not try Reflexology?

June 20, 2017 | Southmedia

Why not try reflexology on a Tuesday morning?/reflexology

Why not try reflexology on a Tuesday morning?

Dating back thousands of years, reflexology is one of the most popular therapies available. Reflexology aims to treat the ‘whole’ of the body with the aim of restoring balance. Pressure and massage are applied to specific points called ‘reflexes’ on the feet and lower legs. Reflexologists believe that the foot is ‘mapped’ and, by treating or ‘working’ a specific reflex point on the feet, it can help the corresponding area of the body.

Our theraist is Chilli Brener MAR ITEC who qualified as a reflexologist in 2013 and is a full member of the Association of Reflexology. She has advanced qualifications in digestive and women’s health. In order to gain the Reflexology diploma, Chilli had to also complete a diploma in anatomy, physiology and pathology so has a good knowledge of the workings of the human body. For more information click here.

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