Ella’s Skydive

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‘It is something I had always wanted to do (as I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie) and I was looking for something to do to raise money for the Centre so it seemed perfect when the opportunity came.

On the morning I was nervous and excited! It was a quiet drive to Swindon but as soon as we got to the airfield and signed in I just wanted to get going. After the training I was a bit more relaxed and calm after seeing the parachute and how safe it was. It was reassuring meeting the instructor I would be jumping with. He was in the Parachute Regiment, so very experienced.

Getting in the plane it was getting very real now and as we climbed to 10,000ft I just keep thinking ‘there’s only one way down from here!’

As soon as the door opened I just couldn’t wait to jump! The freefall was incredible – a feeling I will never forget. Then when the parachute opened I felt so relaxed and safe. Flying through a cloud was very surreal! I felt completely weightless and loved floating through the air whilst taking in the lovely view. The landing was the bit I was most nervous about but it was absolutely fine. It was a lot of softer than I expected and it was nice to have my feet on the ground.

The day was perfect. Sun was shining, had friends and family with me and jumped out of the plane! The day overall was very tiring due to all the excitement and adrenaline but I would do it again tomorrow if I could.

Skydiving for BMSTC was exhilarating! It was also very rewarding raising lots of money which will help the Centre and the members. A great experience.

For anyone thinking about skydiving I would say go for it! You will naturally be nervous but you will not regret it. There is no way to describe the feeling when you leave the plane – so you’ll have to see for yourself.’ 

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