Meditation has been shown to calm the mind and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. It has even been shown to reduce fatigue which for many people with MS.

Whilst you can’t change the world around you, you can change how you respond. There is now a large body of evidence that meditation has a powerful influence on our health and well-being. It has been shown to relieve depression, lower blood pressure, assist in pain control and release anxiety. Meditation can decrease the effects of stress on our bodies and minds and improve our quality of life.

What classes do we offer?

Relaxation and Meditation classes are run online by our yoga teacher, Uddhava.

  • Six-week introductory courses run regularly on Tuesday mornings and are open to all members of the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, their family members, and carers. They are open to people who are new to meditation or those who want to deepen their understanding and build their own practice. Details of courses will be posted on our blog and social media.
  • Ongoing classes take place every other Wednesday from 10am to 10.45am. Attendees need to have some meditation experience, like the introductory course.

After the meditation class, I felt more relaxed than I’ve done for ages and managed to sail through the day, catching up on lots of chores that had been neglected for a while.

Member feedback
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How much does it cost?

As one of our core therapies, we offer Relaxation and Meditation classes free of charge. Donations are encouraged from those who can afford it towards the running of the charity.

How to sign up

If you would like to find out more about Relaxation and Meditation classes, please complete the form below or give us a call on 0118 901 6000.

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