We want to help you exercise at home as well as at the Centre. Here are some of the ways we can help you do so.

Exercise programmes

As part of your Physiotherapy programme you may be provided with a personal home exercise programme which you can follow when you’re not at the Centre, for example at home or in the gym. The programme can be provided in a variety of ways including a paper copy, electronically or via an app depending on what your preference is. Home exercise programmes can be reviewed and adjusted regularly to meet your needs.

If you choose to get your programme online or via the Physitrack app you will have access to clear and professionally narrated videos which will show you how to perform your exercises correctly. You will also be able to log when you have completed your exercises and your physiotherapist will be able to check on your progress.

Online classes

We run several online classes throughout the week. Please talk to a member of the physiotherapy team to discuss which are right for you.

Exercise Videos

Our physiotherapists have produced a series of exercise videos which you can watch from home whenever you choose.

To access them, click on the video you wish to view or visit our YouTube page. If you want a larger video, click on the link below the video.

The exercise classes have made a significant improvement to my health. They ease my MS symptoms and psychologically they motivate me to get up and do something on a regular basis. Everyone is so welcoming and kind at the Centre and I would strongly recommend the Centre to anyone with MS.

a woman raises her hand while in an exercise class with a zoom screen behind her
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