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Go Teetotal in January!


Go Teetotal in January for BMSTC! 

Go Teetotal in January for the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre – no, this doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking tea in January, it means one month booze-free!

Why I hear you ask? Not only will it be a good kick start to 2021 but you will also feel much healthier, no hangovers for a month, lose some weight and raise money to support your local MS community. 

Why not get your family and friends involved? Have a competition for who can last the longest?

What are the rules…? Wake up on 1 January 2021 and no alcohol until 1 February 2021. It is that simple!

Want to give up something other than alcohol? Perhaps you have eaten too many biscuits over Christmas or perhaps you want to give up coffee? Set your own challenge.

How to raise money 

There are two ways to raise money this January

  • Donate £1 a day for every day you are teetotal? Just £31 towards helping us continue our work and it may even save you money!
  • You can set up a JustGiving page and get your friends and family to sponsor you. 

How to enter

Sign up for the challenge here: https://www.bmstc.org/go-teetotal-january

Alternatively, email Yvonne at yvonne@bmstc.org to let her know you are taking part in the challenge. 

Do it today, you will feel much better for it!

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