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The Access Card

November 14, 2022 | Southmedia

This card acts as a way for a person with access needs to communicate those discretely.

The Access Card (sometimes referred to as the CredAbility Card or a Nimbus Card) is a card which translates your disability or impairment into symbols that highlight the barriers you face and the reasonable adjustments you might need.

This then informs providers quickly and discreetly about the support you need and may gain you access to things like concessionary ticket prices and reasonable adjustments without having to go into a lot of personal detail. Examples might include information about a visual impairment, difficulty queuing or needing urgent access to a toilet.

The card is credit card sized so easy to carry in your purse and wallet so you can use it when out and about in shops, businesses and on transport etc.. The card costs £15 for three years.

For more information, visit The Access Card website


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