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Donating to the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre

September 2, 2020 | Southmedia

Our regular member, and trustee, Ian talks about the power of donations

I am sure most of you will know Ian, a regular at the Centre and one of our trustees. Here he explains the importance of donations and the power of a regular donation….


‘A friend at BMSTC calls the Centre “Playschool”. His sense of humour, often with jokes aimed at me, belies an utter loyalty to the varied work carried out. He says, and he is so right, we are so lucky to have the Centre.

Over the past few months, the Coronavirus has played havoc with the fundraising we do. Many people think that BMSTC is funded by the NHS. It is not. We need to raise every penny it spends. You can probably imagine it’s had a devastating effect on our fundraising.

Getting some form of regular income makes a big difference to the Centre. Paying by standing order helps a lot. May I encourage you to pay by this means?

Many years ago, we used to have “recommended contribution”, as it used to be called, for a given treatment. We no longer have a recommended amount. The Centre will provide its core services for free. Your donation will help us run the charity and will be used where it is needed the most. 

If you usually donate by card or cash at the Centre or online please consider setting up a standing order. You won’t need to remember to do anything once you have set it up and it is cheaper for the charity. This means more of your donation will be spent on the important things.

If you have a standing order and you can afford to round it up a bit, it will all be very helpful and much appreciated. I am lucky, I was able to do so a bit earlier this year but fully appreciate not everyone can. A standing order of any amount at least will be a great help.

Thank you for any help you are able to give. It makes a big difference for you and others.’



To set up a standing order, contact us on 0118 901 6000 or email and we will send you the details.

If you would to make a donation online you can do so here:

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