Grants for holidays

June 14, 2023 | Southmedia

Find out about financial assistance for holidays for people living with disabilities

It’s that time of year when many people may be thinking about going on holiday. For people with MS and other disabilities this can prove challenging due to the cost and the need for accessible accommodation.

CS Disabled Holidays provide financial assistance through grants for holidays for people living with severe physical disability due to neurological or neuromuscular disorders

A relaxing break in the sunshine? Adaptive Skiing? An accessible rural retreat? Whatever kind of holiday you fancy the world is your oyster with CS Disabled Holidays. If you need funding for a holiday- alone or with carers or family members, CS Disabled Holidays can enable you to take a break.

Often people who are severely disabled find their disability an obstacle to going on holiday, as it is expensive to find the right accommodation, and to pay for the care that is required. CS Holidays provide funding for respite holidays for disabled adults, their family and carers.

To find out more about the grants availalble and how to apply, visit the CS Holidays website.


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