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Make sure people with MS can access FES

May 10, 2022 | Southmedia

Help the MS Society by contacting your local health body about this potentially life-changing therapy

The MS Society need your help to ensure that Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is consistently funded and prescribed for people with MS across the UK.

FES is a treatment used to stimulate movement in weakened or paralysed muscles. It has been proven to improve the lives of many people with MS, making walking easier and reducing the effects of foot drop.  This allows people to more easily take part in daily living and social activities as well as feeling more confident and independent.  Despite this, FES is not being funded consistently across the UK.

How you can help

Click here to write to your local health body to ask if they are providing this potentially life-changing therapy. The MS Society are holding a webinar for healthcare professionals later this month to ensure that they understand the benefits of FES. When you send your email to your local health body, they will be sent details of the webinar so they can sign up to attend.

FES at the Centre

We are able to offer FES assessments for foot drop and if suitable short-term loan of an FES machine for our members to trial at home. If appropriate we are then able to refer on to the NHS Specialist Functional Electrical Stimulation service based at Salisbury Hospital. If someone would like an FES assessment please speak to your Physiotherapist or email There is also more information on our FES website page

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