A message from Chilli, our reflexologist

May 7, 2020 | Southmedia

A message from our reflexologist Chilli

Our reflexologist Chilli has asked me to share a message with everyone: 

‘I hope you are all OK and coping as well as possible. I am missing our chats and your feet. 

Life has turned a little unusual hasn’t it? I’m up and down like most people. I personally think it is OK to have good days and bad moments but some of the positive things from this lockdown I’m finding are the lack of fumes from the cars, the greenness of all the trees and the beautiful birdsong we are hearing more than usual. I don’t tire of hearing it!

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that even though I am couped up at home and haven’t seen a pair of feet for weeks I am thinking of you all, at different times but all nonetheless. 

Also a quick hi to everyone at the Centre even if you are not clients. I know a lot of you and I miss the place! Just keep safe and treat yourselves well. 

All love Chilli’

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