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Update from BMSTC – 9 April

April 9, 2020 | Southmedia

An update from us 

It’s always so easy for us to describe the treatments we offer. It is much harder to define the community spirit. If you are ever in the Centre alone it feels so different and the usual atmosphere is simply not there. When we receive everyone’s feedback forms, nearly all mention the support they receive from simply being with other people who understand. 


Sharing information and advice is a big part of this and whilst we can’t be physically together we want to continue this. 


So over to you, the experts. What have you found helpful in the last few weeks? 


Our community hub list is pinned to the top of the blog but we want to go beyond this and share your tips. Have you used a great food delivery service that you want to shout about? Have you discovered something great online to help you cope? There are many things happening and we want to make sure everyone knows about them. 


Send your tips through to us at ms@bmstc.org or share them on our Facebook page. 


Don’t forget:

Please wherever you are, take care of yourselves and remember to #StayHomeSaveLives.

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