Vitamin d

Vitamin D

January 11, 2021 | Southmedia

What are the benefits of Vitamin D for people with MS?

This week the role of Vitamin D in the fight against Covid has been discussed again. You can read about it in The Guardian by clicking here.

The role of Vitamin D has become an area of interest for researchers looking for MS treatments. The MS Society has made testing the benefits of Vitamin D supplements as one of its top 10 research priorities.

For most people, the biggest source of vitamin D in the summer is the sun. In the winter, it is recommended that you should be more mindful about how much Vitamin D you get from your food. This year there is a greater emphasis – due to lockdown people are less likely to enjoy as much time outside.

You can find out more about Vitamin D and MS here:

MS Trust information about Vitamin D

MS Society information about Vitamin D


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