Action potential simulation (APS) therapy

September 24, 2019 | Southmedia

Source MS Trust: Action potential simulation is a complementary therapy which some people use as a treatment for pain in MS. It’s available at some MS Therapy Centres in the UK.  (Note we provide this at the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre for more info on our service click here.)

How does APS therapy work?

Action potential is the term used to describe the moment when signals – tiny bursts of electricity – are transmitted along your nerves, sending messages to different parts of your body. The electrical current used in APS therapy works to relieve pain by recreating (simulating) these signals.

APS therapy involves having electrodes (small adhesive patches) attached to your skin which transmit very small electrical currents through your body. The location of the electrodes depends on where in your body you experience pain. The electrodes are connected to a small machine. The treatment usually takes around 30 minutes and requires you to sit next to the machine while the electrodes deliver the electrical currents. The treatment doesn’t hurt and is considered to be safe.

You usually have two to three sessions per week for the first six weeks. After this period further sessions are required to maintain pain relief. The number of sessions per week is usually reduced (eg to once a week) depending on how long the effects last for you.  Read on. 

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