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Confirmation of the changes proposed at the AGM

July 23, 2020 | Southmedia

Confirmation of changes

You may recall from our AGM that some changes were proposed to the wording of our Governing Statement. We are in the process of registering with our Governing Body, the Charity Commission but before we do we need to ensure you, our members, agree. Our trustee Mark explains below and we have attached the official documents. 

If you have any concerns, questions or if you prefer a hard copy in the post you can contact Mark via or call us on 0118 900 6000. 

‘You may remember that at the AGM held on 18th June we proposed a Special Resolution of BMSTC to allow the holding of online meetings and also we modified the constitution so that the words “suffering from MS” were changed to “living with MS” being more user friendly.

We had to get the change to the wording approved by the Charity Commission. This permission was received today, but we now need to reconfirm with you the changes we all agreed at the AGM to satisfy the Charity Commission’s requirements.

We have therefore attached a further copy of the Resolution to this letter, and would be grateful if you note this. If you have any comment, please let us know by 14th August. If we do not hear further we will take it that you continue to approve the Resolution.

Thank you for your attention

Keep safe

Best wishes

Mark Farnell, Trustee’


Letter from Mark Farnell on behalf of the trustees

Ratified Signed Special Resolution AGM 18.06.2020

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