How to find the best travel insurance if you have a pre-existing medical conditions

July 3, 2017 | Southmedia

Source: The Telegraph

Travellers who are currently suffering from illness or have been diagnosed with various conditions could struggle to get cover when they go on holiday, or end up paying through the nose for it.

Those with health problems, or even those who had issues in the past, are deemed more risky for an insurance company to cover and so are more likely to need treatment while abroad, which the insurer will need to foot the bill for.

This can drive up the cost of insurance and may mean that those looking for cover need to get it from a specialist provider.

Below we’ve listed what kind of factors impact price and the providers who offer the cheapest cover.

For example, holidaymakers in their 20s taking medication for high blood pressure will find it easier to get cheaper travel insurance than someone over the age of 80 with the same condition.  Read on.


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