Important Update

February 19, 2021 | Southmedia

– The government have announced 1.7 million more people will be added to the shielded patient list in England. This means some people in vaccine priority group 6 (which includes everyone with MS under 65 and not in groups 1-5) will be moved up into group 4 and advised to shield. The government are using a risk-prediction tool to identify people from group 6 to add to the list, based on evidence about who has been most severely affected by COVID-19. Shielding guidance is being extended to 31 March when it will be reviewed. ⠀

– If you’re added to the shielding list (and move up to vaccine group 4), you’ll receive a letter this week or next informing you and explaining why. You’ll have access to exactly the same support as other shielding people. If you have not already been invited for a vaccine, your GP will prioritise you for vaccination. ⠀

– In England this week, the NHS will start inviting people in priority groups 5 and 6 for the vaccination. Most people with MS are in priority group 6. You should receive an invitation soon from your GP, as early as this week. You don’t need to do anything. If you’re moved up to priority group 4, you will be contacted and prioritised.⠀

– If you are aged 65 or over you can book your appointment using the national booking service:⠀

– If you care for someone with MS, you can also get vaccinated in group 6. You’re eligible if you receive Carers Allowance, or are the main carer of an older or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill. If you’re a carer, you will receive an invite soon. Contact your local council and let them know, to make sure you receive your invite.⠀

– Finally, if you’re living with MS and are clinically extremely vulnerable (or you’re aged 70 or over), and you haven’t been offered the #COVID19vaccine yet, contact your GP, dial 119 or book an appointment using the national booking service.

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