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February 15, 2023 | Southmedia

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We’re thrilled that so far 49 of you have signed up for our team for the Go 6 Nations challenge, which starts on 25 February, and amazed that you’ve raised over £1,000 already!

The challenge, which is open to anyone with MS, is can we ‘travel’ from the Stadio Olimpico, the home of Italian rugby, back to our Centre in Reading between 25 February and 18 March 2023?  That’s a total of 1,118 miles. We will ‘get there’ by covering the mileage in the gym and  – *new for 2023* –  at home and during your online classes.

This is going to be one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and every penny raised will make a big difference. If you can’t fundraise, don’t worry, we still want you to join in. You can choose to support one of the teams too if you like – friendly banter and team kit welcome!

Don’t miss out, if you haven’t signed up already, please sign up now and enjoy the fun.

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