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Meet some more of our Skydivers!

June 14, 2023 | Southmedia

The jump takes place this weekend.

Last week we featured three members of our Skydiving team. Today we’d like to introduce Natasha and Sophie, two more amazing Skydivers!



I am a full time dance teacher in education for ages 2-50+ and have been for over 12 years! As well as working in the West End, doing events and becoming part of the NHS from when Covid hit. 

I have a wonderful fiancé and we have been blessed with two beautiful boys which actually triggered the start of my MS journey back in 2021.  

Since being diagnosed it was so important to me to feel supported, understood and safe with likeminded people, especially during those early days which is why the Centre holds a special place in my heart. Surrounded by genuine care, knowledge and a place I know I can go to escape the harsh realities that is this illness. 

I lead an extremely busy glamorous crazy lifestyle often pushing myself to the limits and I thrive from trying and learning something new. Which is why doing a skydive seemed the most fitting next step for me. 

Am I scared? Yes !! But is the adrenaline going to be a release from my over thinking busy brain ? Absolutely and I cannot wait and knowing I’ve raised money for such a fantastic personal cause just makes it even more worth it. 

MS may be scary but whilst I am fortunate enough to be able bodied and my health well enough I will endeavour to do as many crazy things for such supportive causes as I possibly can. 



Sponsor Natasha here



I work as a tipper lorry driver in Reading, my main hobby these days is running; I have run 111 full marathons to date, and completed a 100 mile race a few weeks ago which is probably my biggest achievement! I’m now on the mission to complete 100 half marathons (I’m only on 56 currently). When I’m not running I like travelling and love animals.

I am supporting the Centre as my boyfriend’s mum, Sue Sumner, has MS and volunteers at the Centre. I have chosen the skydive as I have always wanted to do it but never got round to it or had any reason to, whereas raising money for charity has given me purpose to finally do it! I also wanted to raise money for charity but can’t run a marathon for it, like a lot of people, as I run one most weekends haha.

Sponsor Sophie here


Once again, a huge good luck and thank you to all our Skydivers with your jump on Saturday. We can’t wait to hear all about it!

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