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MS and exercise – a Q&A with Henriette part 3

March 4, 2022 | Southmedia

We return with part three of Henriettes’s Q&As

You may remember that we ran a blog article a few weeks ago about how physiotherapist Henriette has teamed up with the MS Trust to run a series of Q and As about MS and exercise. As the name suggests, Henriette answers a series of commonly asked questions about MS and Exercise. 

The third part is now available and the questions she addresses are:

  • I would like to try outdoor exercising. Have you got any suggestions or advice?

  • Why do my symptoms become worse when I run compared to when I do Pilates?

  • Can exercise help my mental health?

Find the answers on the MS Trust website

Missed part one? You can find it here 

Missed part two? Click here to read the answers

Our MS-specialist physiotherapy team is on hand if you have concerns or questions about exercise or would like a personalised exercise programme set up for you. Email our Physiotherapy Manager, Anwen, at anwen@bmstc.org or call the office on 0118 901 6000 to find out more. 

Visit the MS Trust website to find the answers

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