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MS and exercise – a Q&A with physiotherapist, Henriette

February 3, 2022 | Southmedia

Advice from Henriette

You may remember that we ran a blog article a few weeks ago about Henriettes blog and how to motivate yourself to stay active (ICYMI: here is the article).

She is back again (in article form, not physically back) and this time she has teamed up with the MS Trust to run a series of Q and As about MS and exercise. As the name suggests, Henriette answers a series of commonly asked questions.

The questions in the first article are:

  • I’m a wheelchair user, how do I avoid becoming inactive?
  • Why are some people with MS better at maintaining physical activities and exercise in their everyday life than me?
  • When I try to increase the amount of exercise I do, it backfires and I am exhausted for days. Do you have any advice?


Visit the MS Trust website to find the answers

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