MS Society’s ‘Extra Costs of MS’ survey

April 28, 2022 | Southmedia

MS Society launch their ‘Extra Costs of MS’ survey

The MS Society has launched a survey for people in the UK who have MS, or who live with someone who does, to find out about the extra costs of MS.

The increasing cost of living is putting pressure on people across the UK and MS can cause living costs to mount up even further. The MS Society want to understand more about these costs and how they impact on people‚Äôs lives and will use the results of this survey to inform a UK-wide campaign this autumn. 

Your responses will be anonymous unless you agree to help with more research and provide contact details at the end of the survey.

You can fill the survey out online at

If you would prefer to complete this survey on paper or by telephone, please contact or call 020 3873 6942

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