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‘Therapeutic and Fun Activities for people with Multiple Sclerosis’ – get your booklet now!

March 20, 2022 | Southmedia

A booklet aimed at people with MS

We would like to introduce you to a beautiful booklet called ‘Therapeutic and Fun Activities for people with Multiple Sclerosis’ which was created by Christina Collis.

Christina’s father, Quentin, has MS. As a design student, she wanted to use her considerable skills to do something to support him and others with MS to help with the stress and frustrations of everyday life…and the booklet was born!

They are absolutely gorgeous and it took some of us hours to find the bunny rabbit amongst all the cats….and any month now we will get the riddles…..We have some booklets in the Centre and available to entertain and keep your brain active.

The booklets (either physical or download) are free but we are inviting donations to help us support our MS community. You can collect it at the Centre or we can put it in the post. 

Christina is currently interning with a company that matches charities that need funds with organisations that give funds to charities. Impressed with her design and innovation, Brevio has printed the booklets and donated them to the Centre to help us raise funds. 100% of your donation will be used to provide services at the Centre.

Christina and her colleague Charlotte visited the Centre a few weeks ago and commented ‘The visit to the Centre was very interesting and good to see that there are places where it just focuses on taking care of people with MS. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Everybody who works there is very keen on helping others and improving the lives of people with MS.’

Copies are available at the Centre, over the ‘phone (we will post them out) or online here by clicking here.

Click here to order your booklet


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