Online relaxation and mindfulness class starts in January

December 14, 2020 | Southmedia

New online relaxation and mindfulness class starts in January

We have a new online relaxation and mindfulness class starting on Tuesday 12 January at 10.30 am. Relax in the comfort of your own home while learning new skills to improve the quality of your life.

Meditation is a proven way to calm your mind and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. It has even been shown to reduce fatigue which for many people with MS is one of the most debilitating symptoms. (If you are interested in scientific research, here is a recent study that evidences the benefits of mindfulness: MS quality of life, depression, and fatigue improve after mindfulness training: A randomized trial. (2010) – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3463050)

It is not a quick fix but a learnable skill which brings benefits equal to the amount of practice you put in. As the practice consists of just sitting and cultivating your awareness the benefits are attainable by all.

So, whether you are aspiring for higher states of awareness or struggling with troublesome thoughts, this course has something for you.

Here is some feedback from previous students:

‘The class has definitely helped me to cope with this very uncertain time by showing me ways to deal with what’s going on inside my head, even if there’s nothing I can do about what’s going on in the world.’

‘I have found that mindfulness has enhanced my yoga practice. The feeling of calm I get when I am on the yoga mat, I can now carry with me through the day.’ – Lynne

Attendees are finding that the online courses makes the effects of the class last longer.

‘Online courses were great. I was able to relax in my own home. The effects stayed after the class which would have been lost on my drive home otherwise.’ – Gill

People are finding by bringing the calm into their homes it seems to integrate into their lives naturally and easily. If it is something that you think will benefit you please sign up for our course starting in January. 

Click here to find out more and sign up 


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