Physiotherapist training courses

November 22, 2023 | Claire Frew

Our physiotherapists have been to a couple of interesting training courses recently.

Ligia and Simone attended a Strength and Conditioning course at the Samson Centre in Guildford (see the photo!) The course was a practical 1-day course developing the expertise of therapists in strength and conditioning (S&C) and rehabilitation. All attendees worked within the field of MS so there was lots of shared learning and discussion.

And Ligia and Melanie attended a one-day course in Advanced LiteGait Training, at the Circle Hospital in Birmingham. The LiteGait is a piece of apparatus which we use in our gym which enables people to stand and walk using partial weight bearing. The one-day course aimed to enhance and expand the attendees’ knowledge on gait assessment and the use of the LiteGait. The course had a large practical element to it, enabling them to practise what they had learned with people with neurological conditions such as MS.

Ligia, Melanie and Simone will be feeding back to the Physiotherapy team within our weekly meeting to share knowledge learned. We can’t wait to hear all about it!

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