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Staying warm this winter

November 8, 2022 | Southmedia

Could you help us run activities in the social area?

We know that this is going to be a hard winter for many. We want to encourage you to make the most of the Centre.

We want to give everyone a warm welcome and bring a sense of community back to our social area.

We will provide a warm space and refreshments but we are looking for volunteers to help us provide social activities.

  • Can you do jigsaws without crying in an impatient rage when the pieces don’t fit?
  • Have you got a hobby you want to share? Or do alongside others?
  • Perhaps your talent is chatting and eating biscuits and you want to run a coffee morning (or afternoon)?
  • Can you play Monopoly without cheating?
  • Are you a book fan and would be happy to run a monthly book club? Or movie club?
  • Any other ideas?

If you are interested in helping with one of our activities – either with your own ideas or willing to help us where we need you most – please let us know below.

Click here if you’re interested in helping

In the meantime, come and enjoy the warmth and more details will come soon!

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