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Collection and Asda token update

October 5, 2021 | Southmedia

How did our collections and Asda tokens go? 

Thank you to all our collectors who attending our collection at the Station on Friday 17 September and everyone who donated to our virtual bucket collection. The total collected at the station was £1,114 and combined with our virtual collection the total was over £1,400!

This was a phenomenal amount in these current times. We can’t thank you enough.

This first collection since the start of the pandemic was a bit of a fact-finding mission and with all the feedback, we are going to ask the station for collections again next year. We are also going to look into having QR codes and text details on the bags/buckets to enable people without cash to contribute.

The car park gave us free car parking again which was great. We sent biscuits as usual for the station staff and car park staff. We did not have as many collectors as usual due to illness and holidays. We did have one new collector who enjoyed it and would do it again.  

In the words of Strictly Come Dancing ‘Keep on Collecting’

Asda Green Token Giving

Thank you all so much for your sterling efforts in voting for us. We are thrilled that we got second place. We are a bit disappointed that we did not get first place but we are happy that it has gone to such a worthy charity as Feely Fruity. Thank you for all your votes, we will be receiving £200. Next time it will be us….

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