Farewell to Mohamed our Physiotherapy Manager

May 5, 2021 | Southmedia

An update from Mohamed, our Physiotherapy Manager

It is with great sadness we have to tell you that Mohamed, our Physiotherapy Manager, will be leaving BMSTC on 30 June after 11 years at the Centre.  Mohamed will be rejoining the NHS as a Senior Community Physiotherapist.  This is a message to you all from him.

“As I begin to write this for the blog, the sun came out, reminding me of better and brighter days ahead. What a year it has been for everyone, never have I experienced anything close to this in my entire life and I assume everyone will agree with this as it has touched all our lives in ways we will remember for years to come.

Back in Jan 2009, I started my job in the centre, I can’t believe it was 12 years ago but the first thing that struck me was the friendliness of everyone I met here. Having come from a hospital background, I have never experienced a place that was so welcoming, with everyone wanting to help rather than saying “that is not my Job” !!

I accepted the job offer without hesitation and thought to myself whatever I do, I will always try and make this place feel as welcoming to others as it felt to me when I first arrived. From the volunteers at the reception to physios, office staff and members, everyone was so easy to work with.

The appreciation from members for the service we provide as a team has been overwhelming, providing me with immense job satisfaction that I have not experienced in previous positions.  The team of physios I worked with has been one of the best, always helpful, willing to work together and to face all the challenges, be it day-to-day management of the centre, or trying new techniques, equipment, treatments and even participating in research.   Helping our members has always been the team’s goal and all this just helped us to have more tools in our toolbox.  As we know, change is the only thing that is permanent, we have a strong team but it is now my turn to leave the centre to take up my new role in the NHS- Integrated community care where I will be visiting people’s homes to provide therapy in the Reading area.  This paves the way for new leadership – the centre has been extremely fortunate to have recruited some of the best, friendly staff and my replacement is no exception!

As we leave the pandemic behind, I wish you all well and take this opportunity to thank all the staff, volunteers, members, and trustees who have provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in this centre which is cherished, loved and appreciated by all who benefit from it.”

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