MS Ideas and Exercises with Henriette

MS Ideas and Exercises – from Henriette

November 3, 2021 | Southmedia

Read about MS Ideas and Exercise with Henriette

It has been a year since our physiotherapist Henriette left the Centre to return to her native Denmark. 


She has created a blog called ‘MS Ideas and Exercise’ with the choice of reading it in English or Danish (we have read the English one….). 


Her latest blog is entitled ‘How to make your MS easily understood’, which you can find here:


She is about to start the #12DaysOfStretchmas.


You can find her on Twitter @HenriettePoul14 and Tik Tok. Her Tik Toks include a range of ideas about how to use things around the house to help you exercise including this one that includes food tins and one that includes a bin liner (whilst Henriette wears her famous green socks!). Warning: some of the backgrounds have a watery feature that may make you want to pee! 




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